About Us

Who Are We?

To be honest we are not one of those multi million companies that you’ve heard a lot about. But we do aim to be one in the future. Everything has a start, right? For us, this is our starting point. This is where all the magnificent thing going to happened!

Enough with the intro. Into the company, as our company name already suggested, we are totally in the gym business. But don’t be confused as we are not fitness center. We are supplying gym equipment machines at a affordable price. You can buy online or just come to any of our showroom if you are nearby. We’ll be more than happy to serve you.

What We Do?

A variety of products could be found in here or at our showrooms across the nation.Whether you are buying for home or for your business, we cover it all in here. Is that all we do you ask? Of course there’s more! Did the idea of opening a fitness center ever crossed your mind? Yet you didn’t know where to start or to look for the right stuff. Well, afraid not!

We are here and yes we do provide consultation for those who want to open their own business center. Our flexible and affordable packages are well prepared for you to view and choose. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a hit now before its too late.