Treadmill Plus
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  • Treadmill Plus
  • Treadmill Plus
  • Treadmill Plus
  • Treadmill Plus

Treadmill Plus


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West Malaysia RM1,999
East Malaysia RM2,199

Shipping Cost : RM101

Available Options

  • Low Noise 2.5HP Motor - powerful enough for heaviest running
  • Huge Running Area - 120cm x 43cm, this is the actual running area that you will have access to. Not the belt width. Don't be confused by some marketing trick by advertising belt width. Always look for Running Area instead of Belt Width.
  • Joint Cushioning System - Protect you joints including knee, ankle, crotch, waist etc from running impact
  • Heartbeat Detector - Automatically detect and calculate your heartbeats once you hold the sensors on the handle grip
  • Safety Key - Extra safety feature that will stop machine if the key is been moved away from its original place
  • 14 Speed - Increase or decrease speed according to your pace and exercise. You control your own pace!
  • 12 Preset Program - Comes with 12 presetting programs in which each program has their own target area and exercise
  • Foldable - Fold vertically when not in use to reduce space consumption and easier storage
  • Set of Wheels - Each set consisting of 2 wheels for easier movement and storage of the machine

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