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Outdoor Travel Gym Bag
Outdoor Travel Gym Bag
Outdoor Travel Gym Bag
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Outdoor Travel Gym Bag


    • High quality portable material:
      – Made of durable oxford, also make cleaning process easy the gym bag
      – In fact is made of durable and water repellent material with smoother two-way zipper closure
       Comfortable portable, ergonomic design as well as easy to take travel bag
      Strong capacity, free to install, small things and large objects are taken down
    • Large capacity:
      – This bag can hold toiletries, clothes and shoes
      Size: 39 CM x 30 CM x 18 CM
      – In fact, a l
      arge capacity bag, casually loaded, large and small objects are taken together-
      – Separately set the storage cabinet of the shoes, isolated from the main bag, clean and hygienic
    • Easy to use:
      – Great shoe bags for travel, gym, or for keeping shoes dust free in the closet
      – D
      esigned as portable shoe bags keep shoes separated from clothes in the luggage
      – Protect shoes from dust as well as damage during trip
      – Dry and wet separation bag, double bile package design, exercise standing
    • Scope of application:
      – Cosmetics, underwear, toiletries, clothing, leather bags, shoes, shoes, sundries, bras
    • Practical small pockets:
      – Small pocket on the outside for easy storage of small items such as mobile wallet keys
    • Wet and dry separation design:
      – The wet and dry partitions are placed, and toiletries and clothes can be place separately when traveling, which is more convenient, more practical as well as more sanitary
    • In fact, this is a bag that can walk around in light




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